3rd Quarter Tax Bill Due Date Extended To August 31st

Resolution 187-16 extended the third quarter tax bill due date till August 31st.

“We’re hoping to have the bills mailed out by the first week of August, by the latest,” said Ken Blum the borough’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

As has been the norm in recent years, the August 1st due date has been extended by the municipality. The reason for the delay is to provide property owners with their actual amount due, not an estimated tax.

Once the municipality adopts its budget for the year, it is sent to the State and County for review. The Union County Tax Administrator strikes the rate – this year is it $3.811 – but confirmation has to be returned from the State. Since the law mandates that property owner is supposed to get their tax bill at least 25 days before they are due, the date of August 1st would have meant that they needed to be sent out by July 15, which has already passed.

The August 31st due date will include the 10-day grace period. Mr. Blum stated, “If it is paid after August 31st, interest will be charged.”

Property owners will be able to pay their 3rd quarter tax bills in person up until 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 31st. This is due to the municipality’s summer hours program.