3 RP Teens Arrested For Robbery In Roselle

On February 17, 2011 at 8:33 p.m., Detective Dominick Frino advised units that an armed robbery occurred in Roselle and that he was following a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle – occupied by five (5) individuals. Patrolman John Deegan responded to West Westfield Avenue at Gordon Street and conducted a traffic stop of the suspect vehicle – a 1992 beige Saturn. Detectives Frino, Keith Wintermute, and Hussam Assad as well as Patrolmen Edward Nortrup, Nicholas Vaughan, and Richard Gaylord, and several Roselle officers assisted.

Three (3) occupants, identified as Thomas Belles (age 18 – the driver), Joel Garcia (age 18), and Alexander Lopez (age 18) – all from Roselle Park – were removed from the vehicle, placed under arrest, and turned over to Roselle Police for charges of armed robbery.

Two (2) other female passengers were released after it was determined they were not involved. Roselle and Roselle Park Detectives recovered a pellet gun, a mask, and the proceeds of the robbery at the residence of Thomas Belles. The robbery occurred in Roselle to a pedestrian.