2nd RFP For Municipal Prosecutor Has Overbid

On January 20th, the second Request For Proposal (RFP) for Roselle Park’s Municipal Prosecutor had one attorney submitting a fee that was over the maximum ‘not to exceed’ annual amount of $15,000.

This was the second RFP that Roselle Park’s Mayor & Council put out after the first resulted in only two attorneys submitting bids and the municipality’s current prosecutor, Russell Huegel, submitting a fee of $19,000. Richard Huxford, the borough’s former prosecutor, submitted a bid for $15,000 with a provision that he would be willing to agree to provide the service as part of his salary of Borough Attorney; basically, he would perform the duties of the Municipal Prosecutor for free.

The governing body rejected both bids without explanation and placed a second RFP that was due January 20, 2016 with the clear condition that the annual fee for the Municipal Prosecutor would not exceed $15,000.

Mr. Huxford once again submitted his $15,000/$0 option bid and Mr. Huegel submitted a $17,000 fee; an amount $2,000 over the RFP maximum.

The position is scheduled to be voted on by council at the February 4th Mayor & Council meeting.

A copy of the RFP and both submissions (with redaction of personal information) are available below:

Download File (PDF)

Download File (PDF)

Download File (PDF)