2018 RP Mayoral Debate Available For Viewing

The 2018 Roselle Park Mayoral Debate is available for viewing.

The three men running for the head of the borough – William Fahoury, Carl Hokanson, and Joseph Signorello – responded to questions from panelists, the audience, and each other. The 90-minute event took place Thursday night, October 11th, at the Roselle Park Municipal Complex.

The over 90-minute debate was co-moderated by resident Jenny Lichtenwalner and Kathy Lloyd, editor of Tap Into Roselle Park. Three panelists – Saul Qersdyn, Debra Singleton, and Niah Travers – asked the majority of 13 questions to the candidates.

The debate – in addition to opening and closing statements – was separated into four major sections: the first had three questions directed at all the candidates; the second part had one question posed directly to each of the three candidates; the third had questions from the audience asked of the candidates; and the finale had each candidate ask the other two one question. None of the questions being asked were known to the candidates who answered.

Links to the major sections are listed:

  1. Introduction (link)
  2. Opening statements (link)
  3. Questions directed to all three candidates (link)
  4. Individual questions directed to each candidate (link)
  5. Questions that were submitted from the audience (link)
  6. Candidate questions (link)
  7. Closing statements (link)

The free event which was open to the public and collected non-perishable items for the local food pantries was a collaboration between Roselle Park News and TAP Into Roselle Park.

Thanks to the Borough Of Roselle Park broadcast technician Joseph Hannay for filming, directing, and editing the video used in this article.

The full debate is available below: