2018 5th Ward Council Debate. No 2nd Ward Debate.

The 2018 political debate for Roselle Park 5th ward council took place last Thursday night. The evening was originally scheduled to have the 2nd and 5th ward candidates debate each other. 

“Due to circumstances with the second ward candidates, one of our candidates had a medical appointment that was canceled at the last minute,” stated Jenny Lichtenwalner, the moderator of the debate, “Both of our second ward candidates chose to no debate tonight. That was their decision, not the decision of the committee.”

The almost 70-minute debate had a panel of four members of the Roselle Park High School (RPHS) Debate Team – Rachel Leone, Meaghan Mooney, Natalie Tribiano, and Zacharia Vargas – asking both men running for office questions. They were supported by RPHS teacher and debate team advisor Jonathan Silberlight as well as resident and previous panelist Debra Singleton.

The debate was sectioned into four formats, as was done with the mayoral debate. The first part had panelists asking questions to both candidates. This was followed by panelists asking one question directly to each of the candidates. The section after the intermission had candidates answer questions picked from those in attendance and the final part of the evening had each candidate ask the other one question.

A video of the debate is available below: