2017 Interview Requests Sent To Municipal Candidates

Formal invitations were sent to all five municipal candidates running for a one-on-one conversation to discuss their platforms and candidacy.

Three residents are running for the first ward seat. They are incumbent Eugene Meola Jr., Republican candidate Jayme Lynn Negron, and Democratic candidate Maxine Padulsky. Mr. Meola is running as an independent.

The council-at-large seat has Democratic candidate Michael Connelly running against Republican Joseph DeIorio. Mr. Connelly is currently the fourth ward councilman and Mr. DeIorio is the borough’s former mayor.

Each candidate has been asked to respond personally as it is the newspaper’s policy to not discuss such matters with campaign managers, political committee members, or anyone other than the candidate.

As of this publication, two candidates have settled on a date and another’s date is pending. Once a date is agreed upon, a list of baseline questions is provided to allow candidates the opportunity to review in order to have a robust conversation.

A roundtable conversation is being proposed with the three Board Of Education (BOE) candidates. There are three seats available and three residents – Chad Hemenway, Matthew Leingang, and Christopher Miller – are the only candidates running. Mr. Miller is the only incumbent among the three BOE candidates.

Residents can also submit any question to ask the candidates by using the submission form below. The deadline for reader questions is 2359H on Friday, October 20th.

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