2016 Reorganization Meeting

This year’s reorganization meeting saw only one new face on council with no change in the political party majority. After the invocation from Reverend James Spera from the Church of the Assumption, Mr. James Vigliotti opened Thursday night’s municipal reorganization meeting by singing the national anthem to the standing room only audience. The meeting was to have outgoing fifth ward councilman Richard Templeton give his farewell address but Mayor Carl Hokanson stated he was unable to be in attendance due to a family emergency. The mayor wished him well.

Joseph Petrosky was then given his oath of office as second ward councilman. Although already serving as an appointment by council when he filled the vacancy caused by Charlene Storey becoming council-at-large, this will be his first full term as a councilmember.  Thomas ‘Thos’ Shipley was also sworn in as the fifth ward councilman, defeating Richard Templeton who himself was appointed by council when Michael Yakubov resigned in February of last year. Mr. Shipley becomes the first African-American and the first openly gay man to be elected into municipal office in Roselle Park. After Councilman Shipley’s eight-and-a-half minute prepared speech, the 2016 municipal governing body had its official roll call in order to conduct the people’s business. Mayor Hokanson and council gave their remarks for the coming year then council unanimously voted to have Charlene Storey be council president for the second year in a row.

Borough Clerk Doreen Cali read the appointment of council to the four (4) components of local government: public safety, municipal services, finance, and public services. Three of the four chairs remained from last year with Councilman Shipley taking over as Finance Chair for Councilwoman Storey. Mayor Hokanson and First Ward Councilman Eugene Meola kept the exact same committee seats as last year while a majority of the remaining council retained some of last year’s committee with some interchanging to accommodate the newest council member. As opposed to last year when Councilmen Mohamed ‘Gino’ Elmarassy and Joseph Petrosky only had one committee each, this year every member of the governing body has, at least, two committee appointments.

After the municipal bylaws were adopted for 2016, the appointments for boards and committees that require council confirmation were made. The eight groups were unanimously approved by council. The only significant change was the non reappointment of former mayor Joseph DeIorio, who is Councilman Shipley’s husband and a Republican, from the Library Board of Trustees. Although he expressed an interest to remain on the board and was pivotal in restructuring how the library reports its finances, Cass Roty was appointed for a five-year term in his place. Additionally, with regard to the Community Center Committee, it is not certain as to the term of Jackie Templeton since she was erroneously listed as being a Board Of Education representative which has a term of one year while a committee member from the public has a three-year term.

Next were the mayor’s appointments which do not require confirmation nor approval from council. The 20 groups of appointments ranged in areas from the arts to diversity to recreation to sewage authorities the Municipal Land Use Board.

The Arts Council, which was previously ad hoc for a number of years, was officially made permanent while the Technology Committee, who has Councilwoman Storey as a representative, were absent of appointments.

A review of last year’s Environmental Commission showed that James McCready was appointed to a two-year term as Alternate II but has him listed for a three-year term as a full member. Michael Peterson is listed as being appointed as an Alternate II but it is not clear if he is filling out the vacancy. Additionally, Maxine Padulsky was listed as Alternate I for a one-year term in 2015 but, having been appointed to a three-year term, the Alternate I was not filled this year.

The final order of council business were 38 resolutions that dealt with appointments for professional services, various legally required authorizations, and the formal designation of eight (8) properties from 218-256 West Westfield Avenue as “An Area In Need Of Redevelopment”. This last resolution of the evening paves the way for an as-yet-unknown developer to begin formal proceedings to develop the property.

The professional services approved amounted to over $170,000 that the municipality has agreed to, in just in the first meeting of the year, pay contractors and individuals to perform. Almost all fees remained the same as last year. The only two slight increases on the agenda were for Clean Communities Coordinator Dan Petrosky, who is Roselle Park Democratic Committee (RPDC) Chair and Councilman Petroksy’s brother, with a 2% increase to $1,891.11 (Resolution 06-16) and a combined increase of $1,025 for services provided by Gibbons. P.C. as Bond Counsel (Resolution 10-16). Missing from the appointments Thursday night were those for municipal prosecutor and alternate municipal prosecutor. Both resolutions, 03-16 and 11-16, were pulled from the agenda to be voted on at the next municipal meeting.

The outdated practice of representatives from both political parties coming up during the public portion, each offering gifts to select members of the governing body, was still performed, however garishly out of place.

The meeting ended with a benediction from Pastor Manuel Cruz, Jr. from the Community United Methodist Church followed by Mr. Vigliotti leading the audience in singing “God Bless America”.

The next Mayor & Council meeting is scheduled to be January 21, 2016. Below is a listing of all appointments.


2016 Appointments (Council Committees)

'Gino' Elmarassy
Carl Hokanson
Ryan Kelly
Eugene Meola
Joseph Petrosky
'Thos' Shipley
Charlene Storey
1st Aid
Construction & Transportation
Code Enforcement
Municipal Budget & Finance
Public Buildings & Facilities
Human Resources


2016 Appointments (Fire Department Officers)

Deputy Fire Chief, CentralMark Jaskula1-year
Deputy Fire Chief, LorraineJames Smith1-year
Deputy Fire Chief, FaitouteRay Parenteau1-year
Captain, CentralSteve Thompson1-year
Captain, LorraineWilliam Fernando1-year
Captain, FaitouteRaymond Kuterka1-year
Lieutenant, CentralNeal Iaccarino1-year
Lieutenant, LorraineJohn Thompson1-year
Lieutenant, FaitouteDennis Sisnetsky1-year
Engineer Ladder 2, CentralJan Scholte1-year
Engineer Engine 1, LorraineEric Finkle1-year
Engineer Engine 3, FaitouteMichael Policastro1-year
Engineer Ladder 2, CentralDan Norris1-year
Engineer Rescue 9, LorrainePatrick Wirkus1-year
Engineer Engine 4, FaitouteJohn Gura1-year
Engineer Squad 5, FaitouteJames McCrady1-year


2016 Appointments (Fire Prevention Bureau)

Fire OfficialJoseph Signorello3-year
Arson InvestigatorMark Jaskula1-year
Chief InspectorJeff Bonner1-year


2016 Appointments (Board Of Health)

CommissionerBarbara Goss3-year
Council RepresentativeCarl Hokanson1-year


2016 Appointments (Community Center Committee)

Committee Member Kim Powers3-year
Committee Member Peter LaPorta3-year
Committee Member Jackie Templeton1-year
Committee Member (Senior Citizen Representative)Eva Boyko1-year
Committee Member (Library Representative)Pat Butler
Committee Member (Board Of Education Representative)-1-year
Council RepresentativeCharlene Storey1-year


2016 Appointments (Joint Sewer Representative)

RepresentativeMayor Carl Hokanson1-year
Alternate RepresentativeCharlene Storey1-year


2016 Appointments (Library Board)

Committee MemberCass Roty5-year
Committee MemberDexter Delacruz5-year
Committee MemberMaxine Padulsky2-year (Unexpired)
Committee Member (School District)Pedro Garrido1-year
Council RepresentativeCharlene Storey1-year


2016 Appointments (Morses Creek Flood Control)

Commission MemberDonald Hellhake1-year
Council RepresentativeMohamed 'Gino' Elmarassy1-year


2016 Appointments (Police Doctor / Panel Physician)

Police Doctor / Panel PhysicianMulti-Care, Inc.
Trinitas Regional Medical


2016 Appointments (Arts Council)

Committee MemberDanielle Zdanowicz1-year
Committee MemberPaul Zdanowicz1-year
Committee MemberPam Reinoso1-year
Committee MemberPico Reinoso1-year
Committee MemberAnn Marie Peterson1-year
Committee MemberJoseph DeIorio1-year
Council RepresentativeThomas 'Thos' Shipley1-year


2016 Appointments (Animal Control Bureau)

MemberCarl Hokanson1-year


2016 Appointments (BOE Council Liaison)

Council LiaisonEugene Meola1-year
Ex-OfficioMayor Carl Hokanson1-year


2016 Appointments (Clean Communities)

Council LiaisonJoseph Petrosky1-year


2016 Appointments (Community Development Committee)

Committee MemberRupen Shah1-year
Committee MemberGregory Storey1-year
Alternate Committee MemberAntonette Signorello1-year
Council LiaisonMayor Carl Hokanson1-year


2016 Appointments (Diversity Committee)

Committee MemberMichael Peterson1-year
Committee MemberKim Powers1-year
Committee MemberKeith Heyman1-year
Committee MemberIbtisam Ali1-year
Committee MemberKetan Amin1-year
Committee MemberVithal Patel1-year
Committee MemberKim Jacobs1-year
Committee MemberJeof Vita1-year
Committee Member(Vacant)1-year


2016 Appointments (Environmental Commission)

Commission MemberJames McCrady3-year
Commission MemberRich Templeton3-year
Commission MemberMaxine Padulsky3-year
Commission MemberDan Petrosky1-year
Commission MemberJackie Templeton1-year
Commission Member (Alternate II)Michael Peterson2-year
Council RepresentativeGino Elmarassy1-year


2016 Appointments (Events Liaisons)

Memorial DayCharlene Storey1-year
Independence DayEugene Meola1-year
September 11thCarl Hokanson1-year
Veterans DayCharlene Storey1-year
Christmas Tree LightingJoseph Petroksy1-year


2016 Appointments (Borough Historian)

Borough HistorianPatricia Butler1-year
Council RepresentativeCharlene Storey1-year


2016 Appointments (Keeper of Kelly-Kaulfers ad hoc Committee)

Committee MemberRay Parenteau1-year


2016 Appointments (Matron)

MatronJoyce Rosenberg1-year
MatronCarmen Suarez-Malave1-year
* Matron is the female present in the Roselle Park jail whenever there are females being held.


2016 Appointments (Municipal Land Use Board)

Committee Member, Class IIPete Picarelli1-year
Committee Member, Class IIIJoseph Petrosky1-year
Committee Member, Class IVGlen Costello4-year
Committee Member, Class IVJay Robaina4-year
Committee Member, Alternate IIIOwen Iungerman1-year
Committee Member, Alternate IVGregory Delano1-year


2016 Appointments (Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority)

RepresentativeCharlene Storey5-year


Committee MemberBrian Downey5-year
Council RepresentativeJoseph Petrosky1-year


2016 Appointments (Solid Waste Advisory Council)

DesigneeJoseph Petrosky1-year


2016 Appointments (Street Lighting Committee)

Committee MemberJoseph Signorello1-year
Committee MemberJames McCrady1-year


2016 Appointments (Town Crier)

Town CrierBarbara Jean DeInero1-year


2016 Appointments (County Transportation Advisory Committee)

Committee MemberDan Petrosky1-year
AlternateRich Templeton1-year


2016 Appointments (Youth Center Council Liaison)

Council LiaisonJoseph Petrosky1-year


2016 Appointments (Youth Center ad hoc Advisory Committee)

Committee MemberJoseph Signorello1-year
Committee MemberAntonette Signorello1-year


2016 Appointments (Professional Services)

Parent Agency
Borough Attorney
Richard Huxford
Triarsi, Betancourt, Walsh & Wukovits

Labor Attorney
Garrubbo & Capese
$135/hour (not to exceed $20,000)
Not appointed at Reorganization Meeting
Alternate Prosecutor
Not appointed at Reorganization Meeting
Public Defender
Harvey Fruchter
Alternate Public Defender
James A. Boyd
$200/court day
Borough Engineer
Neglia Engineering
(not including fees to be paid for
additional engineering services)
Tax Appeal Attorney
Robert F. Renaud
Palumbo & Renaud
$60/hour (not to exceed $15,000)
Clean Communities Coordinator
Dan Petrosky
Court Administrator
Nicole Nunes
No amount provided
Deputy Court Administrator
Rose Cooper
No amount provided
Violations Clerks
Michelle Boff
Katy Andaluz
No amount provided
Borough Auditor
Marvin Lustbander
(Financial Consultant)
Samuel Klein & Company
(Audit Services)

(Sewer Utility Audit)

(Annual Financial Statement
Review & Preparation)

(Annual Debt Statement)

(Supplemental Debt Statement)

(Deferred Compensation
Plan Review)

(2015 Budget Review
Preparation & Services)

(LOSAP Report Review)

(Assistance in Preparation
of Official Statements for
Bonds and/or Note Sales)

(For Each Update)

Bond Counsel

P.C. Gibbons P.C.
(for Bond Counsel Services
plus $1 per $1,000 of bonds issued
plus out-of-pocket disbursements)

(for each single purpose ordinance
plus out-of-pocket disbursements)

(for each multiple purpose ordinance
plus out-of-pocket disbursements)

(for Temporary Financing
including Tax Anticipation Notes
plus $.50 per $1,000 of notes issued
plus out-of-pocket expenses)

(for Services beyond the scope of those
specified above provided
by legal assistants)

(for Services beyond the scope of those
specified above provided by attorneys)

(Advanced Refinancing)

(for more than one series
of bonds for each series)
Public Agency Compliance Officer
Doreen Cali

No amount provided
Collections System Operator

Neglia Engineering
(not to exceed $4,200)