2016 Fall Townwide Garage Sale Listing

The 41 participating locations for the 2016 Fall Townwide Garage Sale is available. The number of participants is less than half those who took part in the townwide garage sale in June. Those who registered for the garage sale this weekend were charged a fee of $10.

Additionally, due to inclement weather, it has been left up to individuals on whether to hold their garage sale today or tomorrow.

This is the first year that the second garage sale was scheduled. Both are held in anticipation of the bulk pick-ups that occur twice a year. The fall bulk pick-up is set for Thursday, October 6th, on the east side of town and Friday, October 7th, for the west side of town.

The townwide garage sale is from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. today and/or tomorrow.

A listing of all garage sale locations is available below to download or print:

Download File (PDF)