2016 Candidate Interview With William Fahoury

24-year-old William Fahoury is running to represent the residents of the third ward this year. When current Councilman Ryan Kelly announced he would be withdrawing from running for a second term, Mr. Fahoury decided to fill the vacancy as a Republican.

He was the first candidate to sit with Roselle Park News and in mid-September, the candidate sat and talked about his candidacy, his platform, and his reasons for wanting to become an elected official. The 50-minute conversation covered a range of topics from the candidate’s history, how he would have voted for important issues from revaluation to the Kneeling Soldier At Cross memorial, and what ideas he has to bring to council if elected on November 8th.

The same invitation was extended to Kevin Kolbeck, who is running as the Democratic candidate for the 3rd ward. Mr. Kolbeck declined an invitation to speak on-the-record.

The audio of the conversation with candidate William Fahoury is available below: