2016 Bulk Pick-Up Dates Announced

The first of two annual bulk pick-ups will be in June. The east side of town will have pick-up on Thursday, June 16th and the west side will be the following day, Friday, June 17th.

This is the second year in a row that Roselle Park will have two (2) bulk pick-ups – one in the summer and the other in the fall. The second bulk dates will be Thursday, October 6th for the east side and Friday, October 7th, for the west side.

Chestnut Street is the dividing line for the east and west side of town.

A subsequent article will be published once the acceptable list of items is released by the municipality.

In addition to these two bulk pick-up dates, the municipality offers an a la carte pick-up for those items either not allowed during the general bulk days or if any residents cannot wait until those dates.  The Roselle Park Department of Public Works (DPW) will pick up certain items on an on-call basis. Residents can contact DPW at (908) 245-7676 for an appointment. Residents are to notify the DPW of the items and number of each that is requested to be picked up and must pay by cash or check prior to pickup. Once an appointment has been scheduled, the items must be placed at the curb for pick-up. Below is a list of acceptable items and accompanying fees for a la carte service. There is no fee for the two (2) bulk pick-ups in June and October.

Door(Regular Door)$10 per item
(Storm Door)$10 per item
Fence(Plastic Fence)$10 per 8-foot section
(Wood Fence)$10 per 8-foot section
Furniture(Couch)$30 per item
(Dresser - Small)$15 per item
(Dresser - Large)$30 per item
(Kitchen Chair)$5 per item
(Kitchen Table)$20 per item
(Lawn Furniture)$10 per item
(Love Seat)$15 per item
(Sleeper Couch)$40 per item
Mattress$20 per item
Toys$10 per item
Window(Single Window)$10 per item
(Double Window)$20 per item
(Triple Window)$30 per item
(Storm Window)$10 per item
Wood Products(Must be cut into
three-foot pieces
and placed into
a 32-gallon
$10 per 32-gallon container