2016 BOE Candidate Interview With Loren Harms

This year Loren Harms, along with six other residents, is running for the Board Of Education. This large pool of candidates is the most the school district has seen in years.

Mr. Harms, who is currently serving on the board, was the first school board candidate to sit for a one-on-one conversation in mid-September. The hour-long interview discussed Mr. Harms’ experience and his outlook for the school district. Topics ranged from what he has contributed in his numerous years on the BOE and his continued vision for the educating of the students of Roselle Park. Mr. Harms offered his candid views on everything from full-day kindergarten to the replacement of light poles to the growth of the district’s STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) program, among other issues.

The school board has three available seats and the candidates with the top three (3) votes will serve a three-year term. Voters can select from one to three candidates. Election Day is November 8th.

An audio of the conversation is included below: