2015 Will Have Two Bulk Pick-Ups

For the first time in six years – since 2009 – Roselle Park residents will have two bulk pick-ups with one in the summer and the other in autumn.

The governing body approved Resolution 81-15 approved an $46,000 for two bulk pick-ups – each being $23,000 with including estimated costs for disposal.

The dates approved were:

June 25 (Thursday)
June 26 (Friday)
October 15 (Thursday)
October 16 (Friday)

The east and west sides of town are determined by Chestnut Street.

The additional bulk is an increase of just about $5.28 for every house assessed at $65,000, which is the normal assessed value used to determine impact on a household. Including an estimated cost of $24,000 for disposal costs used by the municipality, the increase for ever household would only be $10.79 in the municipal portion of property taxes. This estimate does not take into account that a second bulk might lessen the weight collected for each pick-up, thereby reducing the cost for disposal, of which weight is a factor.

Suburban Disposal, the borough’s vegetative (normal) garbage pick-up was the only bidder for the bulk pick-up.

A list of acceptable items will be published by the municipality before the first pick-up in June.