2014 BOE Candidates’ Night

Last Wednesday night, a group of residents gathered at the Roselle Park High School to meet the four (4) candidates for three (3) available seats on the Roselle Park Board Of Education (BOE).

Rodric Bowman, Christopher Miller, Sundjata Sekou, and Jeof Vita all took turns addressing that close to 20 questions from audience members.

With moderator Jenn Jaskula running the actual debate which was sponsored by the Roselle Park PTAs/PTSAs/PTOs, each of the candidates offered those in attendance their views and positions on everything from school uniforms to common core teaching to various aspects of instructing the students of the Roselle Park School District.

In collaboration with both The Concerned Citizens Of Roselle Park and WRPK Radio, audio files are available at WRPK Radio (link) which contain the opening and closing statements of each candidate as well as each question and answer that was communicated that evening.

A video of the entire event will be available at the Concerned Citizens of Roselle Park website (link).

Below is one example of the questions that were asked that evening, this one dealing with the candidates’ views on school uniforms.

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