2013 Best Pizza Contest A Success




The basics are all there. Put them all together in a certain way and you get pizza. One would think all pizza would taste the same but last Saturday night at the first annual “Best Pizza Contest” held by Knight of Columbus – Msgr. Loreti Council #3240, nine local pizzerias showed that there’s more to it than just the ingredients. It’s about the style.

Local Italian eateries from Roselle Park, Kenilworth, and even Union Township participated in the 2013 Best Pizza Contest to the delight of 200 lucky residents who served as judges at Loretti Hall located downstairs from the Church of the Assumption on Westfield Avenue.  Originally, there were to be 10 participants but one pizzeria had to cancel due to a scheduling conflict, leaving the following oven culinary artists:

  • Bellisima Pizza, 547 West Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 245-9003
  • Costa’s Pizzeria, 120 Chestnut Street, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 241-1131
  • Fresca Pizza & Deli, 405 West Westifield Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 259-5445
  • Michael’s Pizza, 211 East Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 445-8317
  • Mimi’s Pizza, 357 West Clay Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 245-9696
  • Pizza Stop, 290 South Michigan Avenue, Kenilworth, NJ (908) 245-6262
  • Sun Tavern, 600 West Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 241-0190
  • Tony’s Pizza Delight, 1331 Magie Avenue, Union, NJ (908) 820-0992
  • Valentino’s, East Westfield Avenue, Roselle Park, NJ (908) 245-7555

With a voting sheet and nine (9) ticket stubs – one for each entry – those in attendance were treated to a taste of each pizzeria. Master of Ceremonies Bryan Peterson of the Knights of Columbus made the night a memorable event along with fellow Knights acting as attendants, stewards, and servers. The open-seated, round tables gave an opportunity for neighbors to meet neighbors, residents to re-unite with old friends, and families to spend quality time together. Even Mayor Joseph Accardi and Council-At-Large Carl Hokanson took part in the festivities.

At the end of the night, the contest was close with two pizzerias – Mimi’s Pizza and Tony’s Pizza Delight – tying for second place and the winner – Costa’s Pizzeria – taking the title by just one vote. The night was a success and paved the way for a re-match next year with the real winners of the night being the friends and families who were fortunate enough to attend.

More photos can be viewed at in-frame.org (link)