2010 Census Results

According to the 2010 census, the population of Roselle Park, NJ was 13,297, which was an increase of less than 1% (0.12%) . While the number of families increased from 3,407 to 3,416 – the number of households decreased by 3% to a total of 5,002.

The most notable change in the borough’s demographics was in the decrease of those residents denoting themselves as White and an increase in the number of Hispanics in the community. While the number of those counted as White went down only 7.2%, the total of those counting themselves as White decreased by more than twice that (a total of 16.2%) to become only 54.6% of the borough’s population. Hispanics saw the largest increase throughout the decade to become 28.6% of Roselle Park’s demographics – making more than one out of every four residents in the Borough Latino or Hispanic.

Below are charts for review taken from the United States Census Bureau for 2000 and 2010.

Demographics2010 Census2000 CensusChange (#)Change (%)
White9,80273.7%10,74080.9%\/ 938\/ 7.2%
African American7835.9%3212.4%/\ 462/\ 3.5%
Native American200.2%150.1%/\ 5/\ 0.1%
Asian1,35410.2%1,2149.1%/\ 140/\ 1.1%
Pacific Islander20.0%30.0%\/ 1\/ 0.0%
Other races1,0007.5%6494.9%/\ 351/\ 2.6%
Two or more races3362.5%3392.6%\/ 3\/ 0.1%
Total13,297100.0%13,281100.0%/\ 16/\ 0.12%
Demographics Breakdown2010 Census2000 CensusChange (%)
White7,26154.6%9,39770.8%\/ 16.2%
Hispanic or Latino3,80928.6%2,17016.3%/\ 12.3%
Other2,22716.8%1,71412.9%/\ 3.9%
       African American6975.2%
       American Indian and Alaska Native70.1%
       Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander00.0%
       Some Other Race250.2%
       Two or More Races1611.2%