Fundraiser Confusion Investigated Further

In reference to a report filed on October 26, 2010, further investigation into the confusion regarding a Carl Hokanson fundraiser being billed as a band reunion at Frenchy’s on Friday has raised questions as to the ambiguity of the event.

Initially, Carl Hokanson’s Facebook page was given to Roselle Park News as a point of reference to confirm that October 29th’s event was a fundraiser. Performing a search on Facebook with the band name “Wheatstone Bridge Band” returned to the event on Friday night, confirming that the only public notice referred to a fundraiser.

After the report was filed, the band name “English Creek Road” was mentioned as an additional point of reference. Performing a search of that name brought up a Facebook page for an event that bills the Wheatstone Bridge / English Creek Road bands having a reunion at Frenchy’s on October 29 from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday. The following was taken from the public “Wheatstone Bridge / English Creek Road” Facebook page:

Pamela Spence Sampson This message is from Joe…he posted it on my wall and wants you all to know…”Joseph Tortoriello This TURNED INTO a 2 event night..The band was asked to reunite to play for the fundraiser…we agreed…the response of the bands reunion was overwhelming..people demanded we post an event page to get the word out of the… bands reuniting……so we did….many are coming just to hear the band ( Thanks for your support) and to see old friends….The $10 cover is not going to the band (as mentioned on the event page), its to get into the event, Carl Hokanson’s fundraiser…To MOST people this is not an issue, but unfortunately, some feel the posting was politically motivated…I CAN ASSURE YOU, IT WAS NOT!! THE BAND HAS NO POLITICAL …PREFERANCE,…We just tried to get the word out, about the bands reunion, period.We are sorry to anyone who was offended because of there political preferences, as it was definitely not intended…..As to the rest of our friends,..hope to see you Friday night.

As noted, there was some confusion which lead to a band representative having to post and notify invitees that the event was indeed a fundraiser for Carl Hokanson. The explicit notice that the money would actually go to a fundraiser for Carl Hokanson caused some invitees to rescind their notice of attendance, as they were not aware such was the case. Below is a screen capture of the public page for reference.