11 Properties Get Sewer Bills Reduced

11 property owners had their sewer utility bills reduced by $12,195.00 as noted in Resolution 175-16.

The reason for the cut in those sewer bills occurred when the property owners questioned the amount of sewer use listed on the postcard that the municipality sent in June of this year. The usage charged is actually for the period of January through December of 2015.

The notice – titled “Annual Sewer User Charge” – has property information, consumption in cubic feet, and the amount due.

The borough’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ken Blum, explained, “These people questioned their bill. They got printouts from the water company on their end and it didn’t match the printouts that the water company gave us.”

Once the property owner showed proof that New Jersey American Water gave the municipality wrong figures, those charges were reduced to reflect the accurate reading.

NJ American Water was contacted for comment on this matter but none was provided.