Council Refers Hunter Redevelopment Plan To MLUB

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发布时间: 十一月 4, 2018 @ 12:00 美国东部时间下午

猎人属性, 正式名称为西韦伯斯特大道区 1, 有它的重建计划下的决议中提到由理事机构 308-18 向市土地利用局 (MLUB) 审查和董事会的11月5日会议.

位于街对面的7-Eleven便利店西韦伯斯特大道和蝗虫街运行到小联赛场复, 业主已表示有意建立,但还没有公开提供任何细节. 一英亩的财产本身分为四个 (4) 包裹和已被MLUB11个月前指定为一个区域需要重建.

的区域与重建计划以及需要重建的目的是为了让一个自治市 – 具有或不具有从所提议的显影剂输入 – 确定在某个网站上开发的参数. 该计划将, 有效, 取代该地区内的任何现有的分区条例的所有规定.

对于猎人物业这种特殊的重建计划允许与地下商业用途,住宅混合用于超过地板. 该计划允许四个故事在最大高度 50 脚,但最多只能 25% 一楼的建设足迹可超过三个故事最多的 40 feet.

取决于 60 单位本计划允许不超过 30% 发展是两房单位. 剩下的 70% 将被包括工作室和一间卧室的公寓. 三房单位都明确禁止 – 对于市场利率单位 – 根据该计划. 术语“市场利率单位’ 意味着,如果经济适用房项目的一部分, 这些单位将被允许包括三房单位; 这将在法律允许. 有没有计划是否允许两房单位带这似乎已成为新的命名为两个和一个半间卧室,三间卧室书房提. 对于住宅停车将被计算 1.5 每单位空间. 为一个 60 单元复, 会出来 90 这将需要车位.

关于商业空间, 最低零售/商业空间会 4,000 平方英尺. 关的路边停车场的要求,提及在一个的比咖啡馆或餐厅 (1) 每三个停车空间 (3) 席.

Under the building and site design section of the plan, the parameters are given for landscaping, 灯光, 人行道, recycling and refuse, signage, 公用事业, building facade design, common areas & amenities, green infrastructure/building design, and a bike path. 部分 4(我) requires that a bike path be designed along the rear of the development along the railroad right-of-way. The plan also incorporates the borough’s complete streets policy.

在计划中使用的甲好奇术语具体使得单词之间的区别 “应” and “应该”.

“应” is defined as something that a developer is required to comply with the specific regulation, 没有任何偏差. “应该” is defined as something that a developer is encouraged to comply but is not required to do so.

A review of the plan has the word ‘shall’ 用过的 73 times while ‘shouldis used only five (5) 时: under sections 4(一), 4(F), 4(G), 4(Ĵ), and 8.

通过比较的方式, the word ‘encouragedis used seven (7) times in the plan in sections 4(一) and 4(Ĵ) which might lead to some confusion as to the difference between ‘shouldand ‘encouraged’.

The redevelopment plan was prepared by Neglia Engineering last month.

The foreseeable schedule for this project is as follows:

  • 十一月 5, 2018: MLUB reviews redevelopment plan and votes whether to adopt a resolution in support or against the plan with findings and recommendations
  • 十一月 15, 2018: 更高 & Council review the findings and recommendations of the MLUB and, 如果获得批准, legally introduce an ordinance to enable adoption of the West Webster Avenue Area 1 重建计划
  • 十二月 6, 2018: A second reading of the ordinance along with the public hearing and vote by the governing body to approve or reject the redevelopment plan is scheduled to occur.

The first of these will take place Monday night during the November 5th MLUB meeting in the Roselle Park Municipal Complex located at 110 东大街西田.

A copy of the West Webster Avenue Area 1 Redevelopment Plan is available below:

下载西韦伯斯特大道区 1 重建计划