发布时间: 十二月 19, 2017
RP火车站改造工程延期  | 阅读资料

Renovations to the Roselle Park train station have been postponed indefinitely due to the extent of damage to the platform being more serious than originally thought. 该项目 – estimated to be around $5.8 百万 – was originally announced in June of 2014 and had an initial start date of Spring 2015. 该洛神公园 […]

RP上班族不偏离正轨。在一片出轨 & 管炸弹爆炸

发布时间: 十二月 12, 2017
十二月 11, 2017  | 阅读资料

周一有洛神公园乘客返回到贴近普通列车时刻表上周五出轨之后才达到纽约和管道炸弹的效果后,面对. 上周五下午, 前往纽约州北部的一列货运列车的多节车厢脱轨纠正过去的联盟火车站 (由肯恩大学) […]


发布时间: 十二月 8, 2017
列车脱轨在联乡会影响交通在RP过周末  | 阅读资料

联合乡火车站乘肯恩大学和洛神公园今天下午与一列货运火车出轨目前正在影响着周边地区的交通, 包括洛神公园. 据报导, 八点左右 (8) 过100汽车货运车厢脱轨. 货物的内容,此时未被公开. 另外, 交通 […]

变压器火灾 & 修复具有本地道路封闭

发布时间: 十一月 18, 2017
Transformer Fire & Repair Have Local Roads Closed  | 阅读资料

该洛神公园警察局关闭东林肯大道的交叉点在核桃街 – 以及连接街道 – 车辆交通因变压器火灾和修复工具. 因为它成为可用更多信息将被发布.


发布时间: 十月 17, 2017
日期东林肯路工作的最新  | 阅读资料

Road work originally scheduled to start work last Friday has been updated to start Friday, October 20th. 另外, the work period for the project has been cut in half from eight (8) to four (4) 天 – 如果天气允许的 – and it has been changed from overnight to a daytime schedule. The County of Union […]


发布时间: 九月 1, 2017
路工作在东林肯大道开始在十月  | 阅读资料

The County of Union will be milling East Lincoln Avenue from Chestnut Street to Galloping Hill Road for road resurfacing. The work is scheduled to start on or about Friday, 10月13日, and is projected to last for eight (8) 天. The milling will require the length of East Lincoln Avenue to be closed overnight […]

Mayor Shows Importance Of Moving Vehicles From Roads

发布时间: 一月 24, 2016
Mayor Shows Importance Of Moving Vehicles From Roads  | 阅读资料

Mayor Carl Hokanson literally took to the streets to show residents the importance of moving cars from roads. Posting on his Facebook page (链接), the mayor took measuring tape to demonstrate how much of borough roadways are being taken up by snow piled next to cars. With over six feet of roadway unavailable to vehicular […]

Some Words With Author Of RVRR Book

发布时间: 十一月 17, 2015
Some Words With Author Of RVRR Book  | 阅读资料

本月初,, colleague Bernie Wagenblast from Cranford Radio and Transportation Radio spoke with Richard J. 国王, author of two books about the Rahway Valley Railroad (RVRR). The Rahway Valley Railroad was built at the end of the 19th century and operated for 95 多年 1897 至 1992. The RVRR served a handful of towns on its 11-mile […]

Cranford Radio Covers UCTMP Open House

发布时间: 十一月 16, 2015
Cranford Radio Logo
Cranford Radio Covers UCTMP Open House  | 阅读资料

Colleague Bernie Wagenblast of Cranford Radio has graciously allowed syndication of coverage on the Union County Transportation Master Plan (UCTMP) Open House that occurred on November 9th in Cranford. The event was in the Cranford Community Center and provided information on Union County’s plan to address public transportation along with maps outlining transportation corridors throughout […]

Power Outage On Section Of West Side Of Town

发布时间: 十月 7, 2015
Car Accident
Power Outage On Section Of West Side Of Town  | 阅读资料

UPDATE @ 7:14 上午: Power has been restored to most of the area affected. A single car accident around 6 o’clock this morning on Route 28 just outside of Roselle Park by the Garden State Parkway is the apparent reason for power outage in a section of Roselle Park. Police and other emergency responders were still on scene. […]

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