Council Postpones Vote On Romerovksi Amendment

Council Postpones Vote On Romerovksi Amendment thumbnail
發布時間: 十一月 5, 2018 @ 6:00 16:00

決議 323-18 – 這是授權的修訂Redeveloper的洛神公園自治市鎮和洛神公園VP之間協議的執行, LLC for what is commonly known as the Romerovski property – 在週四晚上的市長閉門會議後提出 & 理事會會議.

This amendment would have officially removed AvalonBay Communities as a member of the limited liability company and replace it with Fernmoor Homes.

Roselle Park VP, LLC已經向一個Builder的Remedy訴訟反對自治市 2007. 兩年後, 當時的管理機構 – which included current Mayor Carl Hokanson and current Councilman-At-Large Joseph DeIorio in reverse roles – 一致投票了事才去試. 雖然當時的市長DeIorio不能投票,他也公開支持的決定. One of the conditions of the settlement was that the developer had ten years to begin construction.

在今年五月, Fernmoor院介紹,他們打算開發Romerovski屬性為218,公寓大廈, 33 他們是套經濟適用住房 (鏈接). 當AvalonBay參與原計劃有 249 住宅單位 38 在它們被保留用於保障性住房 (鏈接). Although the number of total units changed the percentage for affordable housing remained at 15%.

此事被脫下同意議程,並在非公開會議上討論. 在90分鐘的執行會議, 律師和專業人士為本市進出的會議室裡多次去. 大約 10 下午, 會議被帶回公開會議和理事會表決的決議 323-18. 安理會一致投票, 根據市鎮職員安德魯Casais, “postpone the vote subject to further advice from legal counsel until the regular meeting of November 15, 2018.”

另一個主要變化協議, 除了改變Fernmoor, 提議延長最後期限,從十二月開始施工 31, 2018, 到十二月 31, 2020.

洛神公園自治市鎮和洛神公園VP的修正redeveloper的協議的副本, LLC在下面提供:

下載洛神公園自治市鎮和洛神公園VP之間的修訂Redeveloper的協議, LLC (十一月 1, 2018)