Policijsko poročilo o dejavnostih (oktober. 4 – Nov. 6, 2018)

Policijsko poročilo o dejavnostih (oktober. 4 – Nov. 6, 2018)thumbnail
Objavljeno: November 13, 2018 @ 2:11 PM EST

October 4th, 2018
A Roselle Park resident reported her 2007 Ford that was parked along East Westfield Avenue was burglarized overnight and that some loose change, as well as a TomTom GPS, were taken.

Roselle Park Police Department (RPPD) Detective Gregory Polakoski conducted a follow-up investigation. It was discovered that a male identified as David N. Hernandez, starost 32 from Garwood, had been arrested on outstanding warrants out of Ocean County Sheriff’s Office, Fairfield Municipal Court, and Newark Court the night of the incident and was subsequently found to be in possession of a TomTom GPS similar to the one taken in the motor vehicle burglary. The complainant was ultimately able to positively identify the GPS as the one from her vehicle.

Dne 10. oktobra, Gospod. Hernandez was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property. He was issued a summons and released with a future Roselle Park Municipal Court date.

Oktober 24, 2018
Na 2:34 Pred talne, RPPD Officer Avsar Patel opravili postanek za motorna vozila na 2007 Honda along West Westfield Avenue for an equipment violation. As a result of the motor vehicle stop the driver identified as Tasheem D. Norman, starost 28 from Elizabeth was found to be in possession of suspected marijuana. Gospod. Norman was arrested and charged with possession of c.d.s. and was issued traffic summonses for tinted windows and possession of c.d.s. v motornem vozilu. Izpuščen je bil na poziv z datumom Roselle Park Municipal Court.

November 6, 2018
Na 2:02 Pred talne, RPPD Sargeant Matthew Disano conducted a motor vehicle stop on a 2012 Honda along West Westfield Avenue for a moving violation. The driver who was identified as David F. Enriquez, starost 41 od Cranford, je bil aretiran zaradi vožnje, medtem ko vinjenih. During the arrest, Gospod. Enriquez was reportedly combative, belligerent, and physically resisted officers. He assaulted officers as well as spitting and throwing bodily fluids at them during the encounter, v skladu s policijo. He was ultimately charged with three (3) counts of aggravated assault on police, tri (3) counts of resisting arrest, kazenska vragolije, and obstruction of the administration of law. Gospod. Enriquez was issued motor vehicle summons for driving while intoxicated, prekoračitev dovoljene hitrosti, careless, reckless, failure to keep right, D.W.I. v šolskem območju, failure to provide driver’s license, registracija, and insurance. He was issued a warrant and lodged into the Union County Jail awaiting a bail hearing.