Resident Asks For Transportation For Seniors Who Live On Union Border

Roselle Park resident Joe Meola spoke during the public participation of the February 9th Municipal Budget Workshop to discuss the option of providing transportation to former senior citizen residents who live in a senior housing complex at the Five Points section of Union.

“They have asked because they are using walkers – they’re unable to get around – if they could use our bus to get to the Casano Center,” Mr. Meola asked, “I said I couldn’t see any reason why they couldn’t because our insurance covers us to go into another town.”

Mr. Meola stated that those seniors could call ahead of time to schedule a pick up and the bus would go a few block out of town to bring them to the Casano Center. He went on to give an example of a 90-year-old gentleman – a former resident – who has family in Roselle Park. Mr. Meola stated that the gentleman gets up in the morning, washes up, gets dressed, watches television, waits for his nephew to come over around 5 p.m. to help make dinner, watches television after supper, and then goes to bed. The gentleman cannot leave the building on his own since he has no vehicle and relies on a walker for mobility.

Mayor Accardi responded that he would like council to consider extending a welcome hand to former senior citizen residents who have a need to move nearby to be close friends and family. The mayor suggested that a bus could be scheduled to pick up those residents once or twice a week.