Madeline Colandro powołany na urząd Clerk

Madeline Colandro Appointed To Clerk’s Officethumbnail
Opublikowany: Sierpień 6, 2017 @ 6:00 PM EST

Madeline Colandro of Union Township was appointed to the positions of Registrar of Vital Statistics and Construction Clerk. Uchwały 208-17 and 209-17 were voted on and approved by council at the July 20th Mayor & Posiedzenie Rady.

Ms. Colandro was hired to fill the vacancy caused by Nancy Caliendo’s retirement last month. She was vetted by the Borough Clerk Andrew Casais and Deputy Borough Clerk Donna Corrigan out of over 30 applications for the positions.

Miss Colandro comes highly recommended by existing borough professionals who’ve worked with her in other capacities in other municipalities,” stated Borough Clerk Casais in his comments regarding her appointment.

Ms. Colandro, who has her certified municipal registrar license and speaks Spanish, worked for the Township of Cranford in the health department along with other duties.

Panie. pary powiedział, “She was by and far the best candidate in terms of the interviews that were conducted, in terms of her knowledge, in terms of the different groups, the different levels of government that she worked with . . . She is absolutely, based on her qualifications, the best fit for the job that is open in my office.

Ms. Colandro is set to start in her new position on Monday, August 7th for a total salary of $45.255.64.