RPPD 무료 아기를 제공하기 위해 & 유아 자동차 좌석 안전 검사

RPPD 무료 아기를 제공하기 위해 & Toddler Car Seat Safety Inspectionthumbnail
게시: 4월 8, 2018 @ 8:00 AM EST

로젤 공원 경찰서의 (RPPD) 커뮤니티 치안 단위 (순경) along with the Safe Kids Coalition and the Union County Police Department will be hosting a Baby & Toddler Car Seat Safety Inspection at the Michael Mauri Park parking lot. 이 행사는 일반인에게 무료 개방.

The public service will take place on Friday, May 11th, between 10 분이고. and 2 P.M.

The rain date for the outdoor event will be the following Friday, May 18th between the same hours at the same location.

Certified technicians will be on-hand to inspect car seats in order to make sure that it is installed properly.

This event is part of RPPD Chief Paul W Morrison’s Community Outreach initiative to foster and promote better ties between RPPD and the community.

마이클 마우리 공원, also known as Gazebo Park, is located on the corner of Chestnut Street and East Grant Avenue.

Anyone with questions can call the RPPD at (908) 245-2300.