“Bienvenido a Roselle Park Artes” Coffee House El 7 de abril

“Bienvenido a Roselle Park Artes” Coffee House On April 7ththumbnail
Publicado: Marzo 23, 2017 @ 5:00 PM EST

Roselle Park Loves ART! será el anfitrión de una “Bienvenido a Roselle Park Artes” Coffee House el viernes, 07 de abril. La tertulia tendrá lugar del 6 p.m. a 9 p.m. en el parque de Roselle Veterans Memorial Library.

Los nuevos en Roselle Park, así como los residentes actuales – junto con sus familias – will be able to meet and learn about Roselle Park Arts while enjoying music, comedia, short films, aperitivos, and some arts & crafts activities.

More information on the coffee house can be found on a Facebook page (enlace) dedicated to the event. Roselle Park Loves ART! (Página de Facebook) (sitio web) will have information on this year’s upcoming RP Loves ART! Festival on September 23rd.

The borough’s library is located at 404 Chestnut Street.