Muffler Violation Ends In Arrest

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نشرت: مسيرة 15, 2011 @ 5:00 PM EST
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في مارس 15, 2011 في 12:33 مساءا, Patrolman Joshua Medrano observed a black Nissan traveling eastbound on East Westfield Avenue with a loud/defective muffler in violation of 39:3-70 and failure to wear seatbelt in violation of 39:3-76.2F. A motor vehicle stop of the Nissan resulted in the discovery of three (3) glassine folds stamped “9½containing suspected heroin residue; واحد (1) glass pipe containing suspected heroin residue ; و واحد (1) hypodermic needle.

السائق, Joseph Pertowski, سن 23 من كركديه بارك, وضعت قيد الإقامة الجبرية ووجهت إليه تهمة 2C:39-10(و)(1) (possession of heroin); 2C:36-2 (حيازة أدوات المخدرات); و2C:36-6 (حيازة إبرة تحت الجلد) and motor vehicle summonses for 39:3-70 (defective muffler); 39:3-76.2F (seatbelt) and 39:4-49.1(CDS in motor vehicle). السيد. Pertowski was released pending a Superior Court first appearance date on March 28, 2011.